Nintendo E3 2015 Release Roadmap

If you’ve been curious about my absence lately, I’ve been doing the same thing a lot of my buddies have been doing: silently hanging back to see what EPIC GAMING AWESOMENESS that Nintendo had in store for us at E3 2015!

Having missed the Digital Event myself, I stuck to Twitter to see the elated (or disappointed) reactions of my fellow gamers, and judging from the general consensus, it seems that Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero are the ones that made the most noise!

As for me, I’m excited to see Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black WaterStar Fox ZeroMario & Luigi Paper Jam and Metroid Prime: Federation Force! What are your most anticipated titles?

nintendo e3 infographic

(Infographic courtesy of Nintendo Life)


Click Here for More Infographics!


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