Castlevania: The Fight Against Count Dracula

(Beware: this graphic contains SPOILERS!)

You feeling yourself some Castlevania lately? Funny, me too!

The good folks at JeuxVideo have created an excellent infographic spanning the eponymous, almost 1,000 year battle between Dracula, The Belmont Clan, and the heroes who continued the battle during their absence.

What I enjoy most about this infographic is that it forgoes the official Castlevania timeline and includes non-canon, albeit amazing, titles, such as Circle of the Moon and Legends. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any representation for Order of Shadows, Kid Dracula, or even the original Castlevania, but what I enjoy about this infographic the most is that:

  • Each hero is beautifully rendered, along with the various weapons that they used during their journey.
  • The titles and their respective systems are listed, along with the year of their battle along the timeline.
  • The final boss is listed for each title where Dracula wasn’t the main antagonist.

This would be a perfect resource for anyone who’s just now getting acquainted with this amazing series, and gives them an idea where they land in the timeline should they ever get the urge to fire up Simon’s Quest. I recommend it, anyway!

Lumpz the Clown OUT!

(Originally posted on JeuxVideo)

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