What is Lumpz Media?

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My name is Lumpz the Clown, and I’m willing to bet that you’ve never seen a clowny gamer before, huh? Technical knowledge, passion, and occasional vulgarity come together like a deformed test tube fetus here at Lumpz Media, and if you think this is just a passing fad, take a look below!

Yup! Been a clown longer than you thought!

So how does that play into video games? Simple! My tastes are eclectic, and range from Super Mario Bros. to Splatterhouse! My grandmother sent me and my brother a Nintendo Action Set in 1988 and it’s been on ever since! Old, new, it don’t matter as long as it’s awesome!

Not only am I the face of Lumpz Media, but I am also the social media guru, editor, producer, and writer of much of our material. Our editor is David Kirby, aka Kirbear of SFWF fame, who has been published on Forbes and Huffington Post. Check him out, he’s good at what he does!

Don’t let the painted/masked face fool you though! I’m super easy to talk to, and am down to get geeky with anyone who crosses my path! I’m super active on Twitter and Facebook, and if you’re too scared to follow, peep my content and see who I hang with!

So What Does Lumpz Media Do?

We aim to provide comedic commentary for and against some of the biggest triumphs and missteps of the gaming industry. We perform honest tech demos, rant against shitty industry/community practices, perform indie and retrogaming reviews, and offer a forum called The Gamers’ Lounge, where we discuss everything from obscure video game history to devkit research.

Our future goals include:

  • Short, simplistic video game reviews categorized by system.
  • Honest, educated reviews for products that we don’t recommend (here’s some that we do).
  • Bringing on regular contributors.

Our videos and articles can be found on YouTube, Gaming Rebellion, and Skirmish Frogs.

GR Header

I recently started creating video game infographics! My first one was for Five Nights and Freddy’s, and can be viewed here! If you also enjoy big, pretty images, check out the Excellent Infographics section, which not only features my own infographics, but also some amazing ones that I happen to stumble across!

These will continue to roll out as time goes on, and are indie and retro focused!  If you have one that fits into either one of these categories, I encourage you to email me! If it fits and it’s awesome, I’ll slap it up on the page, with all proper author attributes added of course!

Indie Devs Rule!

We also provide a wide plethora of FREE services for select indie developers! We’ve already helped out some amazing projects such as Phantasmal: City of Darkness, Dimension Drive, and whatever awesomeness Locomalito creates, to name a few!

If you are working on a project that you think we would enjoy, shoot us an email and we can talk about it!

Wrap it Up, Asshole…

In the end, we’re firm believers in quality and community. Given the deep passion we hold for the sustainability of video games as an industry, it’s the least we can do! We will continue to give this excellent community of ours the best that we can offer, as well as meeting excellent folks like yourself who have been good enough to give our site a look. To learn more about our vision for Lumpz Media, view our manifesto here.