Fxck Black Friday 2017

Hoo boy. Another year, another greedy ploy by store owners to rob their employees of the holidays and whip the commoners into a mass buying frenzy. And the worst part? The Thanksgiving turkey hasn’t even had time to cool down yet before people are reduced to stealing toys right out of a kid’s hands or leg sweeping an old man.

With many stores opening earlier and earlier, the margin for violent events such as these only widens, but so do the profits and visibility of the businesses that participate. Luckily for all of us, companies like REI, Hobby Lobby, and several others are taking a stand against exploitative Black Friday practices, rewarding their employees with Thanksgiving off (sometimes paid), and letting would-be rioters know that enough is enough.

In protest of this violent, self-serving throwdown, I host an annual livestream event lovingly dubbed Fuck Black Friday, where I lock myself in The Clown Cave and play video games for the entertainment of literally tens of people. Always peppered with rants against greedy corporations, these streams never fail to entertain.

Livestreams occur on both Twitch and YouTube, with pre-stream announcements blasted out across Twitter.

This year, I take on Super Mario Bros.: Lost Levels for the Famicom Disk System, a game made famous through its punishing difficulty. The whole stream is included below. Kind of makes you grateful that we got Super Mario Bros. 2 instead, huh?

Thanks for watching, stay safe out there, and hold your loved ones close. We at Lumpz Media wish you the warmest of holiday salutations.

Curious what other games I’ve played for Fuck Black Friday? Try Silver Surfer, Breath of Fire III, Resident Evil: Director’s Cut, and Silent Hill 3 to name a few!

So how did I play Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels in 1080p? I streamed it from my Raspberry Pi!