SFWF Championships: Oktoberfukt

Oh yeah, baby! This is the big one!

After a flurry of surprise wins, bloody 4-way dances, and barbed wire bash-ups that made up Season One, it’s all come to a head and the time has come for champions to be born. The name of this life-changing event? We’ve dubbed it…Oktoberfukt!

As you can clearly see, this was an epic match-up of the ages, featuring some of the most prolific personalities on the Interwebz, like Arcade Android, Derik Moore, Hiatu5, Kirbear, and Retr0Joe! As mentioned before, the championship titles up for grabs include the:

  • SFWF World Tag Team Championships
  • SFWF World Television Championship, and
  • SFWF World Heavyweight Championship

Without further ado, here’s the rundown and match-by-match summation of the most exciting wrestling event to ever grace The Interwebz. For gamers, by gamers!

The SFWF World Tag Team Championship

First up, we have The Chips, Chip Killer and Chipette, versus Derik Moore and Arcade Android of Gaming Rebellion in a Tag Team Weapons Match!

This was an exciting match to call, if not a difficult one. With more turnarounds and cheap shots than I can count, there was no telling which team was going to claim the gold! Despite some terrifying warcries from The Chips, both Arcade and Derik went fearlessly forth and gave their all for the Red Fist of gaming fury! And this was after I double-crossed them both by forcing them into a Weapons Match in SFWF #3!

Will The Chips be able to squeak off yet another win after their amazing showing in SFWF #3, or will Derik and Arcade be able to shake off their horrific injuries and prevail in true underdog fashion?

Watch the epic battle between The Chips and Gaming Rebellion’s Golden Boys below!

Next up, we have…

The SFWF World Television Championship

Alright. Here’s where I’ve been consistently blown away. Ever since SFWF #2, Hiatu5 has been covertly climbing up the ranks here at SFWF. Not only did he manage to squeak out a surprise pinfall against Lumpz the Clown in an epic Gaming Rebellion 4-Way Dance, he solidified his position as a top-card wrestler after his Main Event throwdown with Lumpz the Clown in SFWF #3, even though he wasn’t able to secure the win that night.

And after that match-up, we were certain he would be out for blood.

At the same time, Roy Mystery, our resident plus-sized luchador, has also been quietly plying his own personal brand of pain, securing heavily mismatched wins in both SFWF #2 against Chip Killer and Kirbear in SFWF #3. Despite everything we thought we knew about gravity, Roy Mystery’s tenacity and athleticism are wholly unmatched.

And on October 8th, 2017, these two unstoppable forces met in the ring for the very first time, in a no-holds barred Cage Match!

And last but not least…

The SFWF World Heavyweight Championship

An epic match of the ages, with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line, the entire SFWF roster (that’s 12 wrestlers) will clash in a 30-spot Battle Royale!

The rules of the Battle Royale are as follows:

  1. Only 4 wrestlers in the ring at any given time.
  2. When a wrestler is eliminated, another will come out to replace them after a set cooldown.
  3. A wrestler is eliminated when they are tossed over the top ropes.
  4. DQs, pins, and submissions are not counted.

Raw skill, determination, blood, sweat, and tears are joined together 12x in this amazing 30-minute toss-up, and you can view all the zany action right here on Lumpz Media!

What’s Next for SFWF?

I had mentioned on Oktoberfukt that future events will be powered by a newer engine, but as of right now, that is not set in stone. Regardless of what game will host our favorite superstars, SFWF Season Two is expected to continue starting January 2018! Be sure to follow me on Twitter for future updates.

For posterity, we’ve included the entire Oktoberfukt event below, which features pre-match commentary by your favorite clowny gamer, Lumpz the Clown!

Thanks for watching, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!


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