Summer Brutality 2017: Castlevania Adventure ReBirth Completed

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and on August 7th, 2017, I finally beat Castlevania Adventure ReBirth on Normal Classic mode! Don’t let the “Normal” fool you; this has been one of the most difficult games that I’ve ever played, and I’m that weird guy who plays Silver Surfer for fun!


For those who had tuned in 2 weeks prior, I made the horrific mistake of setting the difficulty to Hard Classic without fully understanding the life-altering consequences of that fateful choice.

Shortly after, a thumb injury during a Taco Tuesday gone wrong had put future attempts on hold for what would be two weeks, but I had never forgotten that crushing defeat.

I’d try to go to sleep at night, and all I’d hear would be the squeaks of those relentless rats, the rattle of the resurrecting red bones, and the bodacious bonking of the bone dragons throughout my restless dreams. I had to beat this game, but how?

Forged Through the Fire & Flames

Fortunately, Adam of ReplayAbility happened to be a battle-hardened warrior who had conquered the absolute worst that Castlevania Adventure ReBirth has to offer. On his advice, I rolled the options back to Normal Classic and hoped for the best.

Stage 1 and 2 turned out to be cake compared to Hard Classic, with the difficulty beginning to set in around the end of Stage 3! After one continue, I was finally able to put the Stage 3 boss down, then made my way to the one level that had effectively put an end to my initial run on Hard Classic: Stage 4.

Seriously, Stage 4 on Normal Classic is a whole different animal than what was experienced on Stage 4 Hard Classic. I was even able to take out the Succubus with relative ease compared to her more difficult iteration, then spank the Stone Golem after a couple of attempts.

By this point, about an hour and a half had elapsed, then it was onto Stage 5, which is an absolute shitshow as-is on Normal Classic. Spiky robots, maniacal skulls, Frankenstein’s monster, and Death himself await any foolish enough to venture towards Dracula’s chamber, and trust me, they all brought their A-game.

This fuckin’ guy…

It probably took me a total of 30 minutes to finally put Death down for good, but absolutely nothing could prepare me for what was to come. The trek to Dracula opts not to throw crazy amounts of enemies at you, but rather peacefully gift you hearts and the subweapon of your choosing as you casually amble your way to the throne room enemy-free.

After selecting the Cross, I finally confront Dracula not knowing how many forms I would have to face. Thinking I was done after the 2nd form, I almost shit my pants when Drac morphed into his final 3rd form: a gigantic goat head that lobs water balls, fireballs, eyeballs, lightning balls, lightning bolts, regular flames and zigzag flame pillars at your vampire-hunting ass!

After about an hour of getting thoroughly stomped, the 1st and 2nd forms became mildly annoying fillers keeping me from my ultimate goal. It was at this point that Adam mentioned in-chat that the 3rd form’s eyes are weak points, which seems simple enough in theory.

Dracula’s attacks are somewhat predictable, yes, but that doesn’t mean he uses them in the same sequence. To further complicate matters, he will occasionally raise up platforms on either side. Though this may help you reach his weak spots easier, the trek up is mired by all manner of aforementioned, and mostly ball-shaped, projectiles.

Good luck hitting that shit when you’re hitting away a pair of lightning balls while trying to whip errant eyeballs and water balls out of the way so you can hit Dracula’s actual eyeballs.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Dracula likes balls…

After about an hour and a half, roughly a third of the entire stream’s 4:20 runtime, I was finally able to put Dracula away, thus successfully completing my run of Castlevania Adventure ReBirth for Summer Brutality 2017. If you have time to burn, hit Play and see the whole eye-popping event in all its unedited glory!


So how do I feel afterwards? Deflated. It honestly feels like half a victory, given how much time I had put into Hard Classic. That first run had gone on for seven hours, with me not even able to get to the Stage 4 boss, but now that I have a rough idea of what’s ahead, I feel that I can fully put this game behind me…one day…

For now, I will enjoy this win. The run to Dracula on Normal Classic is anything but a jaunt, and Hard Classic is so fantastically brutal that not many gamers have been able to upload successful runs. If you’re able to complete Castlevania Adventure ReBirth on Normal Classic, you are already a legend in my book.

Thanks for stopping by, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!

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