Summer Brutality 2017 Fail

I’m not too proud of it, but on July 23rd, 2017, I reneged on my promise regarding Summer Brutality 2017: I gave up. After completing 3/4 of Stage 4 of Castlevania Adventure ReBirth, I couldn’t go on any longer. The culprit? Good, old-fashioned hubris.

I’ve played many games before whose only differences between difficulty levels was a few more enemies sprinkled here and there. Huh-uh. Not the case with Castlevania Adventure ReBirth

Whole stages went through giant metamorphoses, with added obstacles, more enemies of course, and a lot more of THIS MOTHERFUCKER right here!

Seems harmless, right? What could a little blood skeleton do? When you sprinkle roughly 50 more of these unkillable monsters throughout each and every level, then bump up their recovery rate and walk speed, then you have a hell of a problem.


Has now become this.

My good friend Adam warned me, and I laughed it off, confident that I could beat ReBirth on Hard Classic mode, when I haven’t even beaten Normal Classic yet. I have never been more wrong…

But, through failure, this clown grows stronger. I have learned that difficulty settings are nothing to trifle with. Even when you’re accustomed to expecting the unexpected, nothing can prepare you for the sheer amount of bloodthirsty evil that can pour out of your television screen at any moment once that life-altering choice has been made.

So how do I intend to fix this problem? Simple. I shall be returning to Castlevania Adventure ReBirth on July 30th, 2017, at approximately 5PM MST (Twitch and YouTube), where I will complete said already insanely difficult video game on Normal Classic mode.

Hell, I didn’t even know that Modern mode incorporated more subweapons aside from the Cross and Holy Water of Classic mode, and that’s hard enough, given the Axe totally makes your life easier in the former. Ignorance and hubris rarely ever go well together…

Going forward, I will never trifle with things I know nothing about ever again, and I will give more weight to the warnings of those I care about.

Nothing left to do now but go up. Thanks for watching, and being a part of Summer Brutality 2017. Lumpz the Clown OUT!