Social Friends Wrestling Federation #3: The Road to the Title


After the major turnarounds and janky shenanigans as seen in SFWF #2, only one conclusion could be drawn: the road to the championships is going to be a bloody, broken one.

Tonight’s eye-popping matchups include:

  • Poindexter vs Retr0Joe in a Versus match
  • Kirbear vs Roy Mystery in a Finisher Only match
  • Derik Moore vs Arcade Android in a Weapons Match
  • Mad Ronald & Generick vs Chip Killer 2 & Chipette in SFWF’s first EVER Tag Team match

And last but not least, the Main Event:

  • Lumpz the Clown vs Hiatu5 in a 40-min Iron Man Weapons Match!

Old favorites, new faces! Keep your eyes on this one, folks, because the next event shortly invading your living/game rooms will be…the almighty SOCIAL FRIENDS WRESTLING FEDERATION PAY-PER-VIEW (which will be completely free to watch on Twitch and YouTube), where champions will be born!

Up for grabs at the upcoming PPV will be:

SFWF World Television Championship

SFWF World Tag Team Championship


Also, if you would like to be included in the SFWF roster, shoot me an email giving me permission to use your likeness, and YOU could be included among the elite of the SFWF roster!

Thanks for watching, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!


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