Clowny News 10/14/16



Not Dead Yet…

Hey hey, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and it’s been a hot minute since I’ve updated you illustrious folks with an update from the painted gamer himself! Bear in mind that this wasn’t on purpose as I attended to multiple IRL issues, but that doesn’t mean that I drifted off quietly into that good night! NEVER!

However, for those who have been following my antics on Twitter, you’d know that I’ve been quietly working in the background and crashing random streams for the last couple of months. In other words, paying homage to the hard work of my fellow gamers (you know who you are!) and deciding what direction Lumpz the Clown Entertainment will take next!

So…what’s coming up? Peep below and find out!

Fright Fest 2016


Last year, I played Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within to ring in Halloween, but this year, I decided to extend the party for the entire month of October! What does that mean? One night, one stream, one ENTIRE scary game for your masochistic eyeholes to soak in!

So far, I’ve played Clock Tower 3, with Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Revamped  (<– click that for the Windows download page) coming up tonight! An exact stream time is uncertain cuz even clowns gotta eat, so follow/sub me on Twitch or YouTube so you don’t miss it! And if you wanna relive good times, you can watch the whole damn series on YouTube!

Other possibilities for this event include Silent Hill Homecoming, Manhunt 1 & 2, Five Nights at Freddy’s 1 & 2 and Clock Tower (Super Famicom)! Since I’m flying by the seat of my patched pants for this event, announcements are typically unexpected, but are guaranteed to leave a megaton of shitty Hanes in their wake!

“But. LUMPZ?! What if I can’t make it to the stream?”. That brings me to my next point…

All Streams Will Be Archived


I know, I know…we’re all adults here right? With our 9 to 5’s getting all in the way, it’s hard sometimes to find the time to crash your favorite clowny streamer’s chatbox! However, I’ve decided to stretch OBS’s capabilities to the breaking point by saving all streams to disk!

What does that mean? This clown is not bound by the arbitrary rules of Twitch! No more streams dropping off the map as if they never happened, no more copyright-invoked mutes and thanks to Restream, all streams simultaneously go live on YouTube and Twitch and automatically uploaded for later perusal!

Future updates will include timemarks for each stream so that you can jump to specific parts of gameplay! These will roll out as I get to them, so stay tuned! In the meanwhile, feel free to add videos to your Watch Later list so that you don’t miss one single moment of the insanity!

So what about all of those “unique” videos that I haven’t cranked out in awhile? Well…

New Ideas Incoming


To help round out content, I’ve been spending a lot of time plotting and writing new articles! Some of these are so devastating that they simply cannot be restricted to written form, and as a result, will see an audiovisual iteration in the near future!

One strong possibility is the Wilderness Survival Kit article that I recently cranked out for Gaming Rebellion! Consider it a Top 5 list of things to remember when you’re interacting with your fellow gamers, regardless of gender, race or current dress!

I’ve witnessed a few of these maladies firsthand, and decided that it was high time to provide some basic guidelines that’ll make all of our lives much easier!

Not one to avoid controversy, another possibility will include my thoughts on Konami and how their current activity may indicate a possible rebirth (YAY!)! For those who need something a little lighter, I also plan on revisiting Take Another Look, the totally nerdy Clown Cave Tour and some Top 5 recommendations by genre from the Clown himself!

And for those who need a little more clown love in their lives…

Patreon is Back!


Now that I have a shiny new job and a car, life is slowly falling back into place! As a result, all of the promises that I’ve doled out to Patrons in the past are back on the table! What does this mean? Exclusive notifications for videos before they become Public, and funding goals that include: 24-hour streams, sitting on a block of ice, etc., so you know, the usual clowny shenanigans!

For the specifics, I recommend popping over to my Patreon page to see what could be in store for YOU! If you are unable to commit to a monthly pledge, pop over to my PayPal to make a one-time contribution!

And if that ass is broke, don’t even worry about it! This is all for fun and all contributions go directly to making better content! Creator posts will show off any shiny new toys that I acquire, and if you’d like to donate equipment, hit me up on a Twitter DM!

Never Gonna Stop


In closing, though I haven’t updated you folks in awhile, that doesn’t mean that Lumpz the Clown Entertainment is going anywhere! Life has handed out some harsh cards, but I came out of if stronger and more determined than ever!

Expect more Epic Kill Screens, infographics, articles, videos, streams and many more from the Clowny Gamer himself! Anything’s possible, and I can’t thank you folks enough for your support over the years! Click the links below for more! Lumpz the Clown OUT!

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