Summer Brutality 2016 Game List

The sun is blazing, the heat is merciless, everything’s sticky and there’s not enough soap in the world to sate your sweaty crack. That can only mean one thing…SUMMER BRUTALITY HAS RETURNED for 2016! And the first stream begins at 4PM MST on June 18th!

Streams will be viewable on my Twitch channel and times/games are subject to change. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to get the most up-to-date information.

The event will go for eight weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll be scrimping on the action! I will only be selecting four of those myself, while the viewers will be injecting me with the pain of a wild card for the rest! That’s like picking between a pit full of rusty razor blades or cartwheeling through lit charcoal, and you folks get to pick my fate!

Without further ado, here’s the list of games that will be represented in Summer Brutality 2016, which I conveniently tacked up on the Lumpz-o-Phone:



And to make the proceedings a little more interesting, I will be hosting a game show called The Wheel of Destiny at the end of select streams, where one lucky winner will walk away with a brand new Steam key! I currently have three Phantasmal keys to give away, but if you have any that you’re not using, let me know, I’ll throw them in the pot and I’ll let the good folks know who did it!

Before the end of my bloody run, I’ll have interested viewers throw a specific hashtag, which I’ll announce during the stream, into chat. All participants will be gathered, placed on the wheel, we’ll give that bitch a spin and see who’ll be getting their game on post-stream! The winner’s list is included below!


Seeing how 2016 marks the 4th Anniversary of Lumpz the Clown Entertainment, it’s time to do something special for you awesome and amazing folks! If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be here getting massacred by some of the most brutal games in history! So…thanks? 😉

Hope to see you while I’m getting my ass stomped, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!

Wheel of Destiny Winners:


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