The Great Duck Hunt Experiment

Heya, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and I have to say that I had a blast making this. We as retrogamers need to understand that one day, CRT televisions will no longer be readily available. And when that day finally comes, retro greats like Wild Gunmen and Duck Hunt may no longer be playable!

In anticipation of this shortage, I find it my duty to not only stockpile my own collection of CRT televisions (most of which can be found for free on Craigslist), but to also inform my fellow retrogamers before it’s too late.

This video aims to inform you of which monitors work with Duck Hunt and other lightgun games, and which ones won’t. The make and model of all three of the TVs used for the test are as follows:

The results? Standard CRT: Yes. Flatscreen CRT: Yes. Flatscreen LCD: No. And these results tend to be universal, regardless of make or model. It’s all about the structure and internals.

So whether you’re playing Hogan’s Alley, Wild Gunmen, or MisterJDMcFly’s personal favorite Bayou Billy, it’s important to know which television sets will work with your light gun games. There has even been speculation within the community on whether or not flatscreen CRTs will work or not, which the above test proves that they will.

It’s quite possible that these beautiful CRTs will disappear in our life time, so get them while you can! Lumpz the Clown OUT!


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