Study Finds Angry, Awkward People in Non-Gaming Circles

Kohlrabi-i-am-gamer-1Alright, I had to write this one. It seems that I have an unconscious attraction towards socially stigmatized groups. When I was younger, it was my affinity for Insane Clown Posse; and now, it’s for being a gamer. When you’re bashed on for so long by random strangers online or on the street, their voices steadily drop in volume until they’re finally and blissfully muted.

My mentality now is “if I enjoy it and it’s not hurting either myself or anybody else, why not?,” and as social media grew in prominence, I started noticing many more people going out of their way to slap what they dub a “negative label” on someone else and then up the ante by publicly defaming them online. Before Twitter and Facebook, I dealt with this behavior face-to-face and in many ways, the Internet has only emboldened these individuals who now enjoy perceived anonymity when they go trolling.

Some would go onto say that putting yourself out there in a public forum opens you up to this type of scrutiny, but that doesn’t mean that it’s alright to be an asshole.

Further, I’ve grown to dislike labels in general. When some of us see a single person on Valentine’s Day, we assume that they must be miserable. What about that fat person you saw down the street? They must have no self-control or respect, huh? Guess it’s time to go out of our way to log into an account that we haven’t touched in months, just so we have the chance to call them a fatass? And then explain it by saying that you’re practicing “tough love” or some other lame ass excuse?

Seriously, it’s exhausting and it’s everywhere. Applying superfluous labels is an utterly useless activity that some of us glom onto as a free pass to be a dick to strangers. News flash: it doesn’t, and you’re still a dick.

Gamer or not, an asshole is an asshole, whether it’s in real life or online.  In this article, I wanted to show how useless these labels are when they’re applied to people we don’t know and how absolutely insane it would drive some people if they weren’t allowed to do so anymore.

Stay classy, folks! Peep the excerpt below! Lumpz the Clown OUT!

Excerpt: Washington, D.C. – In a crushing blow to pundits spanning from the field of psychology to the YouTube comments section, a new study conducted by the DeCry Institute of Social Sciences has de facto proven that angry, white misogynists also exist in non-gaming circles. Last Thursday, the research group responsible for the study flew to an emergency summit of the nation’s leaders to go over their findings in detail. “To be perfectly clear,” stated one visibly shaken researcher, “everything we have come to establish as truth has been destroyed…”

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