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Happy 2016!

Greetings, folks, and Happy 2016! Lumpz the Clown here, and if you’re thinking that it’s been about a month and a half since my last entry, you’d be correct! “But, Lumpz? You said you wouldn’t neglect Clowny News anymore?” Yeah, yeah…in order for me to report news, I need to have news to report. Yeah, it’s a vicious cycle! ūüėČ

Anyways, I’ve been thinking about my¬†content plan for 2016, and¬†decided that 2016 will be the year of refinement! We’re talking about the abandonment of shameless self-marketing, the pursuit of community collaboration, and the passionate creation and sharing of top-quality content. So what does this all mean? Read below!

Now Clownin’ Over at Skirmish Frogs


I like writing for multiple sites. Many of them are helmed by people that I’ve known for years, and each outlet offers the chance to create my best¬†content that’s in line with their respective¬†brands. It’s a unique challenge for me as a writer, and I’m glad to step up and show them what I¬†got!

Now, along with great sites like Gaming Rebellion, TheKohlrabi and ScrewAttack, I can now add Skirmish Frogs to the list! Complete with an editorial calendar and home to many of my old friends from 1MoreCastle, Skirmish Frogs is an awesome site¬†with empowered writers who write some of the most awesome shit¬†this¬†clown’s ever seen!

I reached out to Top Frog, Eric Bailey, months ago, asking for the chance to contribute. Without a second thought, he agreed, thus effectively opened the creative floodgates.

Some time passed before I contributed my first article, where I talked about the surprise powerhouse console that is the Sony Playstation! How ridiculous did I get? Well…



But I’d BEEN¬†writing my ass off…

Just ask my good buddy Brent over at TheKohlrabi, where I talked about how awkward, ragey assholes were recently found outside of gaming social circles,

BOOM! And…

and the fine folks at Gaming Rebellion, where I talked about the life lessons learned from the Belmont Clan!


Writing will become a bigger part of my content plan, mostly because writing will always be free, and I will always believe in the power of the written word. Plus, some of the ideas that are birthed out of my fevered psyche simply cannot be put on screen within the confines of my meager budget.

Speaking of which…

Video Content

After a¬†13-year¬†run, GameTrailers has shut its doors. Their site was one that I contributed my own videos to for the last three years or so, and¬†I’m sad to see them go. It seems that everywhere you look, the best content is¬†getting locked behind a paywall or buried in ad space. It’s bulky, it’s shitty, but it’s also the only way many of these sites can survive.

YouTube content creators are no different. Of course we’d all like to get paid for our hard work as many of us sink countless hours and funds into equipment and software. It stacks quickly and books up any precious free time us working adults may have.¬†With little time to create an effective marketing campaign or meaningfully collaborating with industry leaders, monetization starts sounding like a no-brainer. More views = $$$ right?

In that vein, content creators may be asking themselves if monetization with ads is right for them. The answer that works for me is a big, fat NO!

But why is that? I wouldn’t subject my viewers to useless ads that get clicked through as soon as humanly possible (if at all), as¬†when I’m the one doing the viewing, I¬†HATE¬†that shit! So what does that mean for Lumpz-branded video content going forward?

  • Monetization with ads is¬†not¬†an option here at Lumpz the Clown Entertainment.
  • One-time¬†donations are still possible via PayPal, but the Lumpz the Clown Patreon page will be taken¬†down by March 1st, 2016.
  • Let’s Plays will continue, but will be moving over to my Twitch and YouTube channels as themed livestreams (NES, SNES, etc.)
  • Livestream recordings will be uploaded at my discretion.
  • Game reviews and unique series (Take Another Look, Indie Showcases, etc.) will continue to get the full HD edit treatment and produced/uploaded as time allows.
  • Requests for reviews and LPs from developers will still be honored upon acceptance. Click here for details.
  • Summer Brutality will continue in 2016 and beyond. Highlight reels will be uploaded within 7 days after the day of the livestream.

The point in all of this is to¬†make my videos a purer viewing experience. Livestreams differ greatly from heavily edited thought pieces, and though I’d love very much to be able to create content full-time, placing ads in my videos takes away from the viewer experience¬†and goes against the core values held dear here at Lumpz the Clown Entertainment.

What’s are those values exactly? Feel¬†free to check out my manifesto for the finer details, but it’s right there in the name:¬†Entertainment! The only thing entertaining about ads is seeing¬†how fast you can click “Skip Ad” on whatever stupid shit is forcing its way into your eye sockets! So here’s to a more streamlined and enjoyable viewer experience! Stay tuned for future ish!

How I’ve Been Doing

For those who’ve been diligently reading these reports, you’ll recall that I recently went¬†through a divorce. The good news is that it was finalized earlier this month; the bad news is that I was laid off from my job the same day.¬†THE SAME FUCKING DAY!¬†In fact, I was in the parking lot at the¬†COURTHOUSE¬†when I got the call from my (former) HR Department. Even funnier? It all happened on a Monday! :-/

Despite all the hard luck,¬†I’m not a roll-over-and-die kind of guy. If there’s a problem, I fix it and leave a painted crater right where it was standing. The shitty part about an imminent layoff is that managers engage in the very human response¬†of trying to rationalize it. Oh, dude was late for the first time ever? Guess he had this coming, right?¬†It’s a shitty cop-out but it’s totally understandable, and even more amazingly, I don’t harbor any ill will towards them.

In fact, this type of revelation would have utterly destroyed me ten years ago, but I deeply and unwavering¬†believe in my own creative acumen. And why is that? The amazing site owners and editors that I’ve interacted with on a daily basis. Their words of encouragement and praise¬†helped me immensely¬†during a time when I was continually being told that I was incompetent. And¬†likewise, I’d be there for them as a moral support if ever they needed it.

This all goes back to my earlier discussion regarding refinement: community. A real, honest community is comprised of members that have a true familiarity with each other’s work and values.

Does that mean hitting the¬†Play button every time a new video gets uploaded by one of the 4,000+ channels you’re subscribed to?¬†No. But it does mean¬†interacting with your community in a non-promotional manner about shit that genuinely interests you, identifying those who have similar tastes, and making these individuals your core group that continually swap content.

You know: heartfelt collaboration without an ulterior motive!

So yes, Lumpz the Clown Entertainment will lead the way by choosing not to monetize, sharing only the absolute best content (and hey, some of it even may come from me), and carving out time in the day to find something interesting on Twitter or Facebook and post a comment!

And wish me luck in my new endeavors! I don’t consider this layoff a detriment, but rather a final sign for me to rein in my quality and embrace what truly matters. Thank you all so much for being a part of this amazing ride! Lumpz the Clown¬†OUT!

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