Parents Step Up

Oh, man! Big media? This clown’s gunning for you! In your pathetic attempts to exploit statements and net marketing dollars, you’ve neglected one little detail in your accounts of youth violence: the parents!

You think I’m playing? Just check out the similarities between Sneak King and Manhunt! Compare their target audiences and and gameplay. The ESRB is there to inform, not be a stand-in parent while you have your heads firmly planted up your rectums.

Research links are included in the video description and below. Be sure to share this with Maude down the street who’s complaining about little Timmy lying to her that DOOM 4 was totally for kids. Yeah right, lady.

Thanks for watching, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!

ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board)

Sneak King (Wikipedia)

Manhunt (Wikipedia)

The Forbidden Fruit Theory

Study: Violent Video Games Don’t Influence Kids’ Behavior

Manhunt Commercial

Elizabeth Hasselbeck News Report

CNN Adam Lanza Story


If you want to see more of big media’s ruthless attacks against gamers as a whole, check out the infographic I made for Gaming Rebellion about Rockstar’s Manhunt!

Despite being a poster boy for broken homes and violent video games, I have grown into a semi-functional adult with admittedly poor humor at times, but empathy nonetheless.