Clowny News 6/6/15


Greetings, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and if you couldn’t tell by simply looking around, I’ve been REALLY FUCKING BUSY! Aside from the obvious layout changes and content additions, I’ve mostly been hanging in the background promoting some of the excellent content I’ve come across on the Interwebz lately!

Further, I’ve also eliminated certain “time vacuums” from my own IRL! What does that mean?! Well, new content, of course! Read on a get schooled, good people!

The Gamers’ Tent


Aside from adding a new home page layout, I’ve also been hard at work crafting up a BRAND NEW, community-driven concept: THE GAMERS’ TENTThis will be the #1 portal to where you can share your:

  • Unpopular opinions
  • First gaming memories
  • Gaming reviews
  • And MUCH MORE!

Further, I will also run occasional writing contests where I invite anyone who wants to participate to give it their all and write something that will set the Interwebz ON FIRE! Every time I run these, I will be offering up a prize for the best content, so keep your eyes open for new contests as they become available!

So why write for The Gamers’ Tent? Well, not only will I edit and post it, but I’ll also BLAST it across the Internet to places such as N4G, Twitter, Facebook and Reddit (got some buddies on the inside over there)! The point in all this? To showcase YOU!

To get started, check out the guidelines today and show us what you got!

Future Streams


For those who tune into my occasional streams, I haven’t forgotten about you! I needed a little vacation after my vacation, and as a result, I haven’t been doing any streams lately, and for that I apologize.

However, I will be making up for that, starting on June 13th, where I will be continuing the trend that I started last year: HARD ASS GAMES FROM ALL PLATFORMS! For those who missed them, I’ve compiled a multiple part playlist on my YouTube Channel that chronicles all of these adventures, from Silver Surfer to Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts!

So what game will kick off the 2nd Annual Summer Brutality? XEODRIFTER! I’ve been so enthralled with this game that I had to share it with the world! One of my favorite aspects of this game IS its brutal difficulty, so stay tuned for that and peep out my spoiler-free review of this epic game! SO AWESOME!


Just like before, I plan on streaming every Saturday at 8PM EST (subject to change). Be sure to check out my Twitter for the most up-to-date information, and follow my Twitch Channel so you don’t miss a SECOND of the insanity!

Dimension Drive’s COMING!


I was so excited to hear that 2Awesome Studio has received full funding for their game, Dimension Drive! As of June 6th, they’ve raised $38,572, with their initial goal set at $34,305! With these extra funds, 2 stretch goals have been met (Boss Mode and Horde Mode), with 2 Player mode being a strong possibility! Just a little over 2,000 Euros to go!

With 10 days left to go in the campaign, check out their Kickstarter page, see what’s promised and buy yourself what promises to be an AWESOME ADDITION to the SHMUP genre!

Back Dimension Drive Today!

What’s Next?


With SO MUCH going on so fast, I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what’s going to come next! I have some more LPs in the pipeline, as well as a new channel concept I plan to unleash starting next week! There’s even been a few upcoming games that I have been made aware of that I can’t WAIT to tell you folks about!

Future videos will also include updates on games that are out of beta, as well as reviews on some of the quirky NES games that I’ve picked up recently! Who knows?! You just may see something you haven’t before!

Until we meet again out there in Webland, Lumpz the Clown OUT!

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