Clowny News 4/30/15


First Ever GIVEAWAY!


Submissions ARE CLOSED! Thanks to all who contributed!

Heya, folks! Lumpz the Clown here, and I’ve got some excellent news to melt your face off with!

First order of business: The FIRST EVER LUMPZ THE CLOWN GIVEAWAY! But for what, you may ask? The game in the shot above is from Phantasmal: City of Darkness, and I had the honor of playing an early alpha version of the game back in October, 2014! Since then, it has been refined, improved and is now available on Steam Early Access!

In fact, here’s the vid now!

The developer, Joe Chang, was awesome enough to kick me down not one, but three Steam keys to give away! But I don’t plan on just handing them out like candy! In order to win one of these keys, I will be accepting submissions for a retrogaming haiku! If you don’t know what a haiku is, I’d recommend going here and getting educated!

An old pond!
A frog jumps in—
the sound of water.

Here are the rules:

1) It must follow the traditional rules of a haiku.

2) The era in video game history I’m interested in is the NES.

3) Include the title of the game you’re writing about in your submission.

4) Images are great, but not required.

5) Send over any links you’d like me to include (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.).

Please email me, Tweet or post your submissions to my Wall for consideration. Once I get 10 submissions, no further submissions will be accepted. (Edit as of 5/5/15: Submissions will no longer be accepted after 5/8/15, regardless of number of submissions, so get on it! (-: ) 

Regardless of who wins the keys, ALL SUBMISSIONS will be read (complete with shoutouts and links) in an upcoming video, where they’ll be read by Yours Truly! I’m all about spreading the love here at Lumpz the Clown Entertainment, and I’m totally psyched to be doing this giveaway!

Dimension Drive Kickstarter

Now onto one of my recent pet projects: The Dimension Drive Kickstarter. I’ve been helping David & Alejandro, the lead developers at 2Awesome Studio, spread the word on this awesome 2-screen SHMUP!  How awesome?! Well…

I know…HOLY SHIT, right?

The 2Awesome team has been hard at work refining Dimension Drive, and it definitely shows! I first covered an early alpha version of this game back in November, 2014, and it has made some huge strides since then! When Dimension Drive hit its halfway point in Kickstarter, I published an exclusive interview with David & Alejandro on ScrewAttack, which also includes old and new gameplay videos. Thanks, guys, for making this possible, and I wish you the best!

Ashajuls SUCK!



Mind of a Clown

mind of a clown

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, you may have noticed that there were quite a few auto-tweets on my end last Sunday. But why, you may ask? My blogging life started on Blogger, and my website life started on WordPress back in late 2013.

After joining Gaming Rebellion, my poor Blogger account sat neglected up until about 3 months ago, when I decided to retool it and make it as awesome as I possibly could. After some title changes and shifting around, I finally settled on a design and posted semi-regularly.

However, during this time, I had also registered my domain over on WordPress, and after spending a little over a year working within its environment, I found it much better suited to what I do as a content creator. Thus, I transferred over all of my Blogger posts to my WordPress, cleaned them up, and they now reside comfortably at Mind of a Clown.

The new vision for Mind of a Clown includes various video game reviews, industry rants, blurbs and links to other blogs I contribute to, and technical guides. Basically, whatever the hell I feel about writing about this hobby we all love so much! Be sure to keep your eyes open for new content as its released! Moving on…

Future Projects

silent hill 3

Being so busy with indie projects, I haven’t had the time to knock out some of the LPs I had discussed before the beginning of the year. Believe me, I haven’t forgotten about them! In fact, I plan on shooting my Silent Hill 3 LP starting next weekend, during which time I’ll also have some new videos up for your perusal, which include my post-botched stream of Metroid II: Red Edition and a review of Phantasmal: City of Darkness! 

Speaking of streams, I will be streaming this Saturday (5/2/15) at my new time of 8PM EST! The game? It will actually be one of two: Phantasmal or Clock Tower! Either way, it will be a scary game, so do yourself a favor and don’t invite the kids in on this one! Blood, guts, mayhem and vitriol are bound to be flying in all directions!

Thanks for stopping by for this edition of Clowny News! Lumpz the Clown OUT!