Exclusive Interview with Dimension Drive Developers

(Updated Kickstarter link below! Relaunched Monday, May 18th, 2015!)

(7/6/15 Edit: Since this post, 2Awesome Studio’s original Kickstarter failed, but their 2nd Kickstarter was a SMASHING success, raising over $40,872! The WORLD will soon get the chance to play Dimension Drive!)

For anyone who’s seen my recent online escapades, you’d know that I’ve been a fervent supporter of 2Awesome Studio’s Dimension Drive Kickstarter since the moment I heard about it! These guys have been putting in a ton of work to make this game everything it deserves to be and beyond!

The first time I got a chance to play Dimension Drive was November, 2014, and it went a little something like this!

What made this even cooler…

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