Clowny News 3/31/15

Lumpz the Clown Entertainment

Lumpz the Clown again, bringing some more clowny gamer news for that ass! Been silent on the article/update side of things lately, and for that, I apologize. I’ve been battling a bad rash of writer’s block lately, so instead of crying like a bitch, I’ve been blazing some new (and not so new) trails!

How exactly? Well, for one, I’ve gotten back into the habit of streaming awesome video games every other Saturday! Two weeks ago, I went in for some Brutal Doom, and the turnout was amazing! I was even hosted by the lovely LostestGamer, of Found Gaming fame! I beat the whole damn first episode of Ultimate Doom on Ultra-Violence (okay, I admit that I used God mode a couple of times, but I really just wanted to gib as many enemies as I could).

brutal doom shotgun gib Oooh…feels SO GOOD!

Since I didn’t stream last Saturday, I will be going in THIS SATURDAY (April 4th) at 6PM EST for some more Brutal Doom! The Shores of Hell are beckoning, and if anyone recalls, this is where shit begins to get serious! Collapsing floors, ambushing, bloodthirsty enemies and hungry-ass Cacodemons abound! 2 solid hours of pixelated brutality will greet those good enough to attend, so get your ass over there this Saturday and hit a clown up!


What else is new, you may ask? Well, I did beat Metroid for the first time this last Friday! Submitting to my rampant insomnia for the umpteenth time, I decided “tonight’s the night”. Plugging in my trusty NES Advantage, I explored every nook and cranny that Metroid had to offer (yes, Samus should feel violated by how in-depth this process was), defeated Kraid after a tedious battle, and absolutely owned Ridley with the Wave Beam straight to his scaly nutsack! At 235 missiles, I decided to forego the remaining missile tanks and head straight to Tourian! Succumbing to Mother Brain only once, I went back in and thoroughly spanked her gray matter ass, jetted up the vertical hallway and up the elevator!

The result? Approximately four and a half hours later, I secured the second best ending! Yeah, I know it wasn’t the skimpy space suit you were all hoping for, but dammit, I beat Metroid! As soon as I perfect my runs, best believe I will be LPing that ish, so stay tuned!

Also, I’m currently working on a new infographic that is guaranteed to sate the long-neglected appetites of retrogamers! What’s it about exactly? Given the fresh ideas I have in mind, I’m not even comfortable revealing the title for my new piece of work. However, I will tell you this much: it is a much ported arcade game that coined phrases such as “coin eater” and “rage game”. And that’s it! It will be for Gaming Rebellion, so stay tuned for when it’s unholy power is unleashed upon the world!


So what’s in store for the future? Aside from my Brutal Doom stream this Saturday, I’m currently not shooting any new LPs. I have been experimenting with a new approach to my videos, which can be seen in my Locomalito Showcase and Overture videos! I get so wound up in the moment that I forget to share important information at times, so on that note, I’ll be working on narration LPs and showcases for a bit. Think of it as a “return to roots” with more focus and eye candy! Check out my first 2015 post for future LPs that may (or may not) feature this new approach!

In the end, I’m all about giving this excellent community the best that I can offer with what I have. Through all the trials and tribulations of so-called “real life”, I will never fail to give this industry my all! Stick around for the ride, because new, exciting shit is on the horizon! Lumpz the Clown OUT!

Epic Kill Screens Thumbnail 2011-video-icon-24cf0fresize Excellent Infographics Here