A Clowny Promise and Personal History

My Trials Up to This Point
If you have ever, even for a second, questioned your impact on the world of video games, you are not alone!  Since I’ve started my channel and conquest three years ago, I have encountered some ugly events.  Some of the folks I have met have ranged from the content to the severely misaligned, the latter of which could really discourage a newcomer.  But when I began the vision for Lumpz the Clown Entertainment at that time, one caveat has remained constant: I WILL NOT QUIT!

First things first, I scored an Elgato Video Capture with the intention of capturing some of my favorite gameplay, while I remained the “silent” player.  It was during this time that I recorded playthroughs of Silent Hill, Silent Hill 2 and Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain.  All of these LPs have since been deleted as to avoid any copyright flags, but they did help me perform much needed quality tests and hone my fledgling editing skills.
While this was good, I still felt the need to move my content to the next level, as my current approach was not allowing me to interact with my viewers as much as I wanted.  It was around that time that I picked up the mask that I wear today: an angel-faced baby mask.
Not very scary, considering that I have rosy-pink cheekbones under that bandana!
With my new on-camera face ready to roll, I set out to record my first ever LP, complete with commentary: Dragon’s Lair.  However, seeing how this was my first time on camera, I wasn’t expecting to be great!  I felt clumsy, awkward and out of place, and the editing process was a pain in the ass because I now had to dick with volume levels, syncing and the like!  However painful it was, I resolved to keep going!

As time wore on, I completed more LPs (Clock Tower, Super Mario Bros.), but I wasn’t happy with the method of recording, which felt stilted and unproductive.  It was around that time that I perfected the use of my Siberia Steel Series headset (which has since busted) and changed the layout of my videos.  This new “era” consisted of LPs of Kirby’s Dream Course, Mystery Quest, Dragon Power and a few others.  My Rad Racer and Alleyway LP during this time was unique in that it featured a facecam during play!  Even my mask morphed from a Sharpie-drawn caricature to what you see today!  Truly exciting times!
Now we’re getting there!
I then entered a dark age where my Elgato Video Capture was beginning to have problems.  New LPs ground to a complete halt as I haggled with countless technical support lines and email exchanges.  For a whole month, the channel sat silent.  After finally getting a hold of someone in some Tier II Technical Support place, I was able to correct the problem by simply deleting some .pbat files and then it was GAME ON!
The return was heralded with an LP of Super Mario Land and continued with the new format realized in the Rad Racer/Alleyway LP.  I would shoot my face and voice audio with my iPhone during this time, which was a pain in the ass to edit and required me to import two video files, sync them, then edit accordingly.  A twenty-five minute raw clip would be edited down to around fifteen minutes and exporting/uploading would take up the better part of the day! :-/
This style of recording remained prominent until my stream of Ninja Gaiden.  I had discovered the tool that I use to this day: OBS!  OBS is amazing in that it can mash my webcam and gameplay all into ONE SCENE!  However, OBS didn’t come without it’s problems and would intermittently crash during saving, thus corrupting my file.  I lost FIVE FULL sessions of Silent Hill while I was recording the LP for it!  Needless to say, it took some SERIOUS tweaking on my part to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again!  I would stay up ALL NIGHT looking for the right solution, and continued to do so over the course of THREE MONTHS!  Adam from ReplayAbility knows this because we collaborated and shared info a LOT during this time!
After perfecting OBS, I moved away from recording my face and audio with my iPhone and embraced OBS in conjunction with the webcam.  The result is ALL the LP content that you see today!  When you watch these videos, realize that I spent THREE MONTHS perfecting them!  Why?  Because this is important to me and I owe it to you, my viewers, to give you the best that I can possibly give!
May My Blood, Sweat and Tears to Give You Courage
My point in all of this is that throughout my career here on YouTube and assorted social media outlets, I have grown A LOT!  I have learned much from my fellow game aficionados, met some amazing people and received a ton of encouragement and motivation to continue perfecting my craft.  The growth process NEVER ENDS and we should never remain complacent!  If it matters so much to you, have it shine out in EVERYTHING that you do and NEVER STOP LEARNING!  This is the credo that I have been following since DAY ONE and will continue to do so!
I don’t strive to be a copycat of someone who happens to have more subscribers than me, and I NEVER WILL!  We should all be proud of who we are, what we have accomplished and most of all: WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF!  Bottom line: if you are real to yourself and continually challenge yourself, you’re audience will feel that shit!  Promise!
The Lumpz the Clown Manifesto
At Lumpz the Clown Entertainment, I promise you that I will continue to grow and always provide you the best quality of content that I can provide.  I will work tirelessly to provide you with a piece of me every time I step up to that camera or editing program.  No millisecond or emotion will go unturned or unvisited.  I will strive to leave your screens bleeding with what I deliver, and have my very being be there to pick you up when you need a break from the every day “ho-hum”.
At Lumpz the Clown Entertainment, I strive for excellence and will accept no less.  I have worked too hard to be denied now.  Nothing will stop me from doing what I love to do.  No obstacle will stop this train from making its appointed rounds.  No amount of vitriol or spite will derail me from my community efforts or personal objectives.  Lumpz the Clown is here to stay, and those with any objections would be good to remember these words and adapt.  My mission is pure, full of light…and I will not be stopped.
You all truly keep me going and for you, it is worth it.  Lumpz the Clown OUT!
Lumpz the Clown, Video Game Aficionado and Gaming Rebellion Admin Partner