Clowny News 10/12/14

Silent Hill 2 Part 1

Yeah, I know.  I’ve been promising this one for awhile now, but in order for it to make the best impact possible, a few things needed to be done first!  I recorded the whole damn thing in one sitting, and what resulted was a damn near 5 hour long raw file!  After running it through the initial tests (which took the better part of a whole day), I was able to import it into iMovie and retain all of its quality!

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As for today, i spent most of it on my computer, grabbing samples and doing up new art!  What kind of art, you may ask?  A lot of the material I selected is hand-crafted and free license!  Nothing but the best here at Lumpz Entertainment!  I now have a new intro clip (with some cool effects) as well as a new, SH2-themed custom overlay AND new exit screen!  The exit screen will STILL give viewers the chance to click on and check out some of my other shit, so no worries there!

I also plan on completing Jennifer’s run in Clock Tower (PS1), which has been damn near 2 years since I debuted the LP!  In fact, it was my VERY FIRST LP series!  So yeah, time to knock the dust off that one!  And of course, I will be LPing some lighter shit as well to break up the blood bath and reconnect with my younger, MUCH MORE INNOCENT inner child!

So, as always, kick back, relax, and ENJOY THE SHOW!  Lumpz the Clown OUT! 🙂

(P.S. Dailymotion is not really working out for me, so expect this new series and future ones to appear on my YouTube channel!)