Clowny News 9/8/14


Alright, folks!  I wanted to give you the status of my recent expedition into shooting 3 separate LPs last Saturday.  To not put a PR spin on it, everything that could have went wrong went wrong!  I attempted to capture the gameplay right off of my Atari Flashback 2 console, but alas, the console is so similar to an original Atari 2600 that it outputs its video signal in an interlaced format that DOES NOT get along well with my Elgato Video Capture device.  What resulted was a capture with half of the damn pixels missing and no color (except for certain shades of green and yellow)!  From what I’ve learned, the Atari Flashback 2 outputs in a 60i format, which is the reason why it looks like SUCH SHIT on newer HDTVs that use deinterlacing!  I haven’t run out of options yet, but I will BE DAMNED if I’m gonna record a shot of my TV as opposed to capturing the signal right off the DAMN CONSOLE!  I know it can be done, and if anyone has any insight into how I can capture interlaced video and get it through encoding and editing unscathed, feel free to let me know in the comments!  I would greatly appreciate any insight into this, or suggestions on possibly using a program like Handbrake to produce the output at its true 60i format!

After this, I just said FUCK IT and decided to try and record Hydorah with OBS like I ALWAYS HAVE!  Hydorah doesn’t run in a true fullscreen format, sadly, and as a result, Game Capture didn’t work!  Then I thought, Window Capture!  Because of mirroring and capture of the surrounding windows, I was unable to get a clear view of the preview window in OBS to edit the scene if need be!  In retrospect, I may just play this game with a simple voiceover and watermark as opposed to adding a fancy overlay, webcam or other BS!  I don’t mind going that route in many cases, and for a game like Hydorah, which was developed by Locomalito in 2010 and is available for FREE, I feel that it would do it justice!  I’ve had some time to breathe, so it’s all good! 🙂

By the time I had experienced yet ANOTHER ISSUE, I was plenty PISSED OFF and didn’t even WANT to shoot the LP for Maximo: Ghosts to Glory!  It was time to rid myself of all my pent-up frustration!  It was time to return back to a happy place!  It made me reflect on my own childhood and what I used to play to get rid of frustration!  The era I panned back to was the year of the Playstation, when Windows 95 was the norm and the Wu-Tang Clan was tearing up the hip-hop charts!  But it wasn’t a reboot of Frogger I was thinking of!  In the end, I did begin shooting ONE LP last Saturday!  Which one was it?  You’ll have to wait and find out!  And even if you TRIED to be an early bird and peep out my channel, you will STILL have to wait until 4PM MST for the video to be available for viewing!  Why, do you ask?  Call it trolling if you must…I call it convenience, since I’m more than likely gonna be bopping around other places! 🙂

As the week progresses, I will be finding time to record Hydorah and Maximo for your viewing entertainment, but unless I can find a way to capture interlaced video and put it into a format that’s going to play well with either Windows Movie Maker or iMovie version 10, guess I’ll have to wait until I can get the proper equipment so that I can record my Atari Flashback 2 as the gaming gods INTENDED!  Lumpz the Clown OUT!