Super Castlevania IV Highlights, Next Stream Announcement

Where I’m at roughly one week later:

I now walk a little taller, look people square in the eye more often, and take more foolhardy risks with a confident smile on my face. And that’s only what the world sees. Inside, I’m a squealing little schoolgirl who just saw a photorealistic cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in the corner of that Torrid store Mom always avoided!

Honestly though, this year’s Summer Brutality is turning out to be everything that I ever envisioned this project to be. A blood oath, an ancient pact, and sacred moon rituals can’t hold a candle to forcing yourself to complete a game against your will. When your fingers feel like they’re about to break, when your very soul starts coughing up blood as it begins its haunting death rattle, there’s only one way out: victory…

And on that note, do bear in mind that Summer Brutality 2017 will continue on Monday, July 24th, at approximately 4PM MST, with none other than: Castlevania Adventure ReBirth! And the same rules apply: nothing short of victory will be accepted. Mark your calendars, and prepare to see a grown clown ride the struggle bus straight to victory!

I’ll be streaming on Twitch and YouTube. Be there or beware!

Thanks for watching, and Lumpz the Clown OUT!


Did you know that I had already attempted the original Castlevania Adventure for Summer Brutality 2016? Check out the video!

If you’re a fan of amazing, janky horror games, look no further than Clock Tower and Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within! Your favorite clown has played them both!

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