Unpopular Gaming Opinions

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About 2 months ago, my feeds were swept up in the awesomeness known as #UnpopularGamingOpinions. Seeing a lot of my closest Twitter buds getting in on the action, I decided to leave it up to the community and see exactly how many of these sick, twisted, totally awesome individuals would be interested in hearing some of my own unpopular gaming opinions!

For example, the hot ticket for AAA developers today seems to be whether or not their game can be incorporated into VR. So aside from the typical dick measuring that seems to happen at every E3, it seems that the industry is hyper-focused on creating an immersive experience that seems to forget that many of us are broke asses with families and financial obligations, which is totally shirked by the HTC Vive’s $799 price tag on NewEgg.

Now you can be a ninja…a BROKE ninja!

What about some of the nightmarish controllers and in-game schemes that we’ve encountered over the years? Wouldn’t VR add yet another dimension for us to account for when we simply want to turn our brains off? Does EVERYTHING have to be 1st person?!

Even some of the most respected series in video game history have biffed it at least once or twice throughout their ~30 year history, and hit the screen with all the grace of a lazily flung turd. Just because your series is big and successful doesn’t mean that it is beyond reproach: just look at the digital diarrhea that was produced for the Philips CD-i!

Speaking of shitty consoles, what about that hot little piece of plastic that flew off the shelves and into the devious hands of shit-eating scalpers, only to be officially dropped mere months later? Ah, yes, the NES Classic Mini…what a joke. Why pay $300+ for something that only houses 30 games when you can build a Pi and play all of those and about 3,000 more?

Or what about how the consumers for said digital goods (hey, that’s US!) tend to throw reason and objective research out the window to buy said products, just because we’ve associated certain traits with the series, and then cry about it when those misguided needs aren’t met?

Like this!


Bad series decisions? Check.

Shirking of awesome titles due to unrealistic expectations? Check.

Making disgustingly bad design choices in an effort to create the next viral controller? Check.

Create a branded and elusive piece of plastic, then yank it off the shelves almost immediately after release? Check.

What unpopular opinions could I possibly muster from such a crisscrossed mishmash of misshapen bullshit?

Short answer: eight of them, all backed by 25+ years of healthy 3rd person observation. Because that’s the beautiful part of being a gamer who isn’t consumed by the industry that leaves them feeling powerless and unheard: I can choose whether to buy their product or not, and not feel like my whole world is going to collapse every time my “needs” aren’t met.

I hate my life…

So, without further ado, here are my eight fieriest, and appended, unpopular gaming opinions.

  1. There hasn’t been a good RE game since Resident Evil 3.
  2. I Think that the NES Classic Mini was a shitty concept.
  3. I feel that Konami can, and will, make a comeback.
  4. I think Super Nova (Darius Force) is an excellent SHMUP.
  5. Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is an amazing RPG.
  6. The Nintendo DS was a shovelware creator’s haven.
  7. Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass sucks.
  8. The N64 controller is the worst of all time.

By now, I’m willing to bet you’re thirsty for my reasoning as to why I feel this way in the first place. No rational human being can possibly draw these ludicrous conclusions, right?

For now, simply jaunt over to Gaming Rebellion and soak in the clowny sickness that is…The Unpopular Gaming Opinions of a Clown!

Lumpz the Clown OUT!


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